Why Oral Care?

Health and Employability:


The fact is that while dental disease is easily treated and prevented, poor dental health has the potential to threaten nutrition, speech, and general health. Visible decay can erode self-confidence, personal interactions, and have a huge effect on employability.


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Across the country, an estimated 130 million Americans lack dental insurance. Challenges, including the high cost of insurance and a lack of low-cost services, affect low-income families and Hispanics disproportionately.



Locally, only 41% of Bexar county residents reported seeing a dentist in the past year. The need is exacerbated because Bexar County and other neighboring counties are found in dental deserts where the dentist to patient ratio is 0-25% of the national average.



Point in Time

According to the 2014 Point In Time survey, San Antonio's homeless population cited dental care as their highest need and statewide, only about 14% reported receiving the dental care they needed.
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Lost Work

Each year a collective 471 years of work are lost in San Antonio due to untreated dental disease-the equivalent of pulling a company the size of NuStar energy out of the local economy.
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Untreated Needs

Untreated dental decay negatively impacts employment, making it tougher for people to find and hold steady jobs.
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Chronic Costs

For every $1 spent on preventive dental measures, taxpayers are saved as much as $50 for emergency care for the uninsured and underinsured.