Clinic Overview

Access care

Offering Access to Dental Care

The clinic provides a wide range of dental services for low-income and homeless persons in San Antonio and Bexar County. SACDC is unique in the area as the only agency providing free dental care through volunteers.

Poverty care

Why Don't They Receive Care

Some are homeless, some are single mothers, others are unemployed, some work yet remain in poverty, others may be recovering from substance abuse, many are elderly or disabled.


The Need is Great:

Each year the San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic performs nearly $3.5 million dollars worth of free dental care, over 60,000 annual procedures and 7,000 patient visits. While we mainly see those in and around the Haven for Hope area, we take anyone from Bexar County who lacks the means to afford quality dental care.

Elderly Care

Acute Need for the Elderly

Hundreds of low-income elderly and disabled persons live below the poverty level in San Antonio and Bexar County, and most have no dental insurance. Dental benefits are usually not available for seniors in Medicaid programs.

Haven for Hope

Haven for Hope Partnership

In addition to caring for our community's low-income residents, SACDC provides dental care for the Haven for Hope members. The clinic includes 12 dental treatment rooms and 4 surgery suites.

University of
        Texas Health Sciences

UTHSCSA Collaboration

The University of Texas Health Science Center-SA Dental School 4th year dental students provide general dental care and Advanced Education in General Dentistry residents provide specialized treatment under the supervision of dental school faculty throughout the year